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Acmarket Store is a free content store for Android as an alternative to the Google Play Store

For Android System
Version 4.9.21
Size 34.89MB
Date 9 Feb 2021
Package name net.appcake
License Freeware
Developer Acmarket
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ACMarket Store is an alternative app store to the Play Store, just like Aptoide or APKPure, which are also alternative app stores for Android. The big difference is that using ACMarket, all applications and games available are free. For example, if you want to download the Minecraft game in this application, you can download it for free, in addition, it is possible to download game mods and other applications, books.

On this page you will download the current ACMarket APK updated in its latest version, available directly on the official website.

How does ACMarket work?

ACMarket works like the Google Play Store, you search for a game or application, or choose from a list of recommendations and ask to install it on your phone or tablet. The application is then downloaded and installed directly from ACMarket’s servers.

  • Incredible features and ACMarket features
  • ACMarket has been redesigned in every detail, it is beautiful and easy to use.
  • Super fast speed: the app is super responsive and the download speed is even better
  • Help community: If you have any questions, join our help community.
  • Security: Your security is important to us, which is why we test most Mods we host.
  • Incredible rating: contains the most popular games and apps, free or mods.
  • Worldwide: ACMarket supports about 20 languages

Download free games and apps

At ACMarket you can find all kinds of Android apps and games for free. Do you know that super cool app you want to download? Or that exclusive game you love? It can be downloaded for free with this application.

Alternative Play Store

If you are tired of the Play Store, and just find content within the rules there, using ACMarket you can even find apps banned from Google Play.

Game and application mods

There are games that are Pay-to-Win games, there are games that are difficult to obtain money and others that are almost impossible. But, thanks to the modified applications that exist in ACMarket, all of this will be a problem of the past. Hence the name Mod, which means modification. Nowadays Mod Hacks which are games and modified apps are the most sought after, as they can unlock app and game features, add new skins and even free and infinite money in the game. And the good thing is to be able to find it all at ACMarket.

The content in ACMarket is divided and organized

ACMarket is considered the Play Store Pro, therefore, improved and free content. But what is impressive is its organization. The application is like a store, totally safe, with everything divided into categories, starting with the main ones:

  • Mods
  • Games
  • Apps
  • Bingo
  • Books

If you read books, you are not mistaken. Even free books that you can download from ACMarket.

AcMarket for iOS

ACMarket is one of those advantages of having an Android operating system phone, as only Android phones and tablets can have this app. Unfortunately, it is not possible to download ACMarket for iPhone iOS or systems other than Android.

How to install AC Market?

Installing ACMarket is very simple:

Download the .apk and tap to open to install.
If necessary, allow the installation of unknown sources.
When you are finished installing, an ACMarket application icon will appear on your device’s menu.

On this page, you will always find the latest updated version of the APK directly from the source of the original ACMarket site for Android.

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