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Play online with 4 to 10 players and watch out for an imposter willing to kill everyone!

For Android System
Antivirus scanned
Version 2020.9.9
Size 69.63MB
Date 25 Oct 2020
Package name com.innersloth.spacemafia
License Freeware
Developer Innersloth LLC

Among us it is a multiplayer game made for Android, iOS and PC, and it is very easy to play. The game is based on a ship where the crew has to do different tasks to keep the ship in good condition and have an imposter among them. Crew members need to try to find out who the imposter is, while the tax can also pass through a crew member.

The imposter is an assassin who walks around the spaceship trying to assassinate another crew.

The game is based on 4 to 10 random players or friends. Among Us can be played offline (with no internet connection) or online (with internet connection).

The crewmen’s mission is to do chores or find out who the imposter is among them. The tasks of the game are to carry out missions to improve the state of the spaceship.

The imposter’s mission, on the other hand, is to kill as many survivors as possible until he wins the game.

Download Among Us for free right now on your Android phone or tablet, and start having fun with your friends, but be careful one of them may be the imposter.

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