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Explore your creativity: create and play with your own anime character!

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For Android System
Version 1.1.14
Size 99.56MB
Date 7 Jan 2024
Package name
License Freeware
Developer Lunime

Gacha Life is a free-to-play role-playing game for mobile devices developed by Lunime, allowing players to create and customize their anime-style characters. These characters can be used to tell stories, participate in minigames or simply to relax and have fun.

The game has three main modes:

  1. Studio Mode: Allows players to create characters and stories, choosing from a variety of clothes, accessories and hairstyles to customize their characters. They can then use these characters to create scenes and narratives.
  2. Life Mode: Offers players the opportunity to explore the game world, interact with other characters, participate in events and complete missions.
  3. Gacha Mode: Allows players to open gacha capsules to acquire random items such as clothes, accessories and characters. These items can be used to customize characters or create stories.

Gacha Life is popular among children and teens, praised for its creativity and flexibility, but also criticized for an occasionally toxic community that posts harmful or inappropriate content.

Some highlighted features of the game include:

  • Character Creation: Choose from hundreds of clothing, accessories and hairstyle options to customize your characters.
  • Story Creation: Use characters to create everything from short comic stories to full animations.
  • Minigames: Enjoy simple minigames like puzzles and card games to relax and have fun.

Gacha Life is a creative and fun game for all ages, although it is advised that parents supervise their children due to possible toxicity in the game’s community.

What does Gacha Life mean?

As for the meaning of “Gacha Life”, “Gacha” refers to gachapon toys, sold from machines in Japan, while “Life” means life in English. The translation would be “Gacha Toys of Life”.

Is there Gacha Life 2?

Yes, Gacha Life 2, was released on August 16, 2022 for Android and iOS mobile devices, introducing new features and improvements.

Is there Gacha Life 3?

There is no official Gacha Life 3 released by Lunime, and the company has confirmed that there are no plans for a new sequel at this time.

What is the difference between Gacha Club and Gacha Life?

On both platforms, you can develop new narratives and customize characters according to your preferences. However, Gacha Life imposes a limit of 20 characters, whereas in Gacha Club it is possible to create up to 100 characters.

What is the name of the Gacha Life app?

The application that makes the Gacha Life experience possible has the name of the game itself, being called Gacha Life.

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