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Game Tuner is an advanced resource setting application for games. It allows you to change resolution and frames per second (FPS) settings in mobile games that require adjustment for different Android devices and thereby control heat generation and battery consumption so that your game stops to crash all the time, or close all the time, being widely used in modern games with heavy graphics. Game Tuner is designed for Samsung devices, and there is no guarantee that it will work on other phones and tablets from other brands. On this page you can find the Game Tuner APK, as it must be downloaded from the Samsung App Store.

Main Features of Game Tuner

Adjust the graphics quality of the games as you like. This includes Resolution, frames per second and other things.
Customize the graphics settings for each game as you want independently.
A variety of convenient features to enhance your games
Game Tuner will also save energy, as its feature allows you to turn the phone face down to turn off only the screen;

[Android P OS support] There is no official support of Android P OS Game Tuner due to Game Launcher and Game Tuner service integration

Download the Game Tuner APK right now on your Android device and bring your games to life. Why keep your games crashing? Download right now to resolve this.

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