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For Android System
Version 5.23.0
Size 18.55MB
Date 8 Jan 2022
Package name
License Freeware
Developer NetMovies

NetMovies is a famous free movie app, best of all, NetMovies is now free. There are about 2500 titles, of all genres to choose from.

On this page you can find the updated NetMovies apk for download.

All content is original, complete, licensed, dubbed and with high image and audio quality.

You can watch wherever and whenever you want on your devices: Android, SmartTVs (Philips, LG, Samsung and Sony), computers (PC and Mac).

You can still access our Youtube channel with totally free movies and series and new videos daily.

Netmoveis is considered a safe app, and best of all, it is designed to be used on TV, with a very simple to use interface to search for your movies, series and other content such as children’s cartoons and much more.

The Netmoveis APK is super lightweight

The NetMovies application is very light, and its APK weighs just a few MB. All this makes this application a perfect application to be installed on televisions with Android operating system or Android TV Box. Despite this, the application can also be installed on other devices such as cell phones and tablets, however the best experience to watch all the content will always be on larger screens where you will be able to enjoy all the high quality content of NetMovies with the best image and sound.

By downloading the NetMovies APK application on your TV or another Android system, after a simple installation you can start enjoying a lot of updated content from series, movies, and other content that can be found in paid streaming applications or on cable TV .

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