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A lightweight app for watching or downloading YouTube videos

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For Android System
Version 0.20.2
Size 7.44MB
Date 14 Nov 2020
Package name org.schabi.newpipe
License Freeware

Experience a new way of enjoying videos on your Android device with NewPipe, a lightweight, open source app that offers a YouTube-like experience with the added bonus of allowing you to download your favorite videos. With a modern interface, inspired by the official YouTube app, NewPipe provides intuitive and familiar navigation for users.

One of the main advantages of NewPipe is the priority given to the privacy of user information. Unlike other apps, NewPipe does not use any YouTube API. Instead, it directly scans the site for information and securely and reliably delivers the results to you. This means there is no need to install additional apps to log in or download videos. NewPipe is a complete, ready-to-use app.

For open source enthusiasts, NewPipe makes its code available on GitHub, allowing anyone to review, contribute, or even customize the app to their needs.

Now is your chance to get the latest version of NewPipe apk for your Android phone or tablet and enjoy all the exceptional features it has to offer. Download it easily on this page and discover a more personalized, faster and safer video viewing experience.

Help us keep the NewPipe project alive and constantly evolving by contributing through the link: []. Remember that NewPipe is exclusive for Android devices and is not compatible with iOS system.

Explore the future of online video with NewPipe – an innovative and reliable alternative to enhance your entertainment experience.

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