A lightweight app for watching or downloading YouTube videos

For Android System
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Version 0.20.2
Size 7.44MB
Date 14 Nov 2020
Package name org.schabi.newpipe
License Freeware

NewPipe is a super light and open source application that allows you to have the same experience as Youtube, and even download your videos. The application code can be verified on Github. The application has a modern interface very similar to the official YouTube application. One of the strengths of this application is the privacy of information.

On this page you can download the updated version of the NewPipe apk for your Android phone or tablet.

NewPipe does not use any YouTube API, all it does is analyze the site for information and then deliver it to you. This means that there is no need to install any additional applications to sign in to YouTube or to view and download videos. NewPipe is a complete application ready to use.

The NewPipe project has contributions, and you can help here: https://newpipe.schabi.org/donate/

Please note that this application is not compatible with iOS and there is no version for this system.

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