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Phoenix Browser - Fast & Safe


Much more than a simple internet browser

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For Android System
Size 17.59MB
Date 25 Feb 2022
Package name com.transsion.phoenix
License Freeware

Fénix is ​​a more than complete internet browser, which is becoming more famous every day because of all its exclusive functions. In addition to being able to read personalized news according to your taste, the navigation app has a Swiss Army knife of functions that we will see below:

Downloading videos from various sites

A clever feature of the Fénix browser is the possibility to download videos available on a page. And it also lets you search and download FREE music and videos.

Fast and safe browsing with data savings

Fénix loads pages 2 times faster, and saves 90% of your data, which makes it possible to browse smoothly using slow internet.

Download Whatsapp Status

Use Fénix to download your contacts’ picture or video status.

Efficient media player

Fénix plays videos and music, thanks to its efficient video and music player optimized for the best experience, and without ads that interfere with playback.

Integrated file manager

Fénix browser has a powerful built-in file manager, which supports more than 50 file formats, such as word, excel, ppt, pdf, and many others.

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