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For Android System
Version 3.7.477.202318111
Size 287.62MB
Date 31 Dec 2023
Package name
License Freeware
Developer Bending Spoons

Remini is a photo editing app available for mobile devices. It is designed to enhance the quality of photos, especially those that may have low resolution or quality. The application uses artificial intelligence technology to improve the sharpness and details of images, offering a clearer and sharper appearance.

Users often use Remini to enhance old photos, restore details, and make images more vivid. It is important to check your device’s app store for the latest information as app features and functionality may be updated over time.

Revitalize your old, lower-quality images with Remini.

Thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence technology, Remini empowers users to fix damaged photos, restore resolution to old images, retouch and refresh with just one click!

Remini Highlighted Features:

  • Blurred photo restoration
  • Removing scratches from photos
  • Improvement of image sharpness and resolution

Why opt for the Remini app?

  • More than 100 million users globally
  • Recognized as one of the best photo editing and enhancing apps
  • Transform blurry photos into high resolution, producing high-quality images with crystal clear faces.
  • Explore crisp vintage effects.

Download Remini now and experience the difference in the visual quality of your photos!

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