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Test your apps on a variety of screen resolutions using a single device

For Android System
Antivirus scanned
Version 2.1
Size 2.45MB
Date 26 Sep 2021
Package name com.sagar.screenshift2
License Freeware
Developer Aravind Sagar
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Change screen resolution, overscan and density using this app. Requires root on Android 4.3 and above.
You can also set display properties to change automatically based on the current application.

This can be useful for:
* Test your apps on a variety of screen resolutions using a single device
* Improve game performance by playing at lower resolutions.

You can also save profiles, and profiles for some popular devices are included by default. Profiles are also used to manage switching resolution, density, etc. based on the current application.

Important information:
If your screen becomes unusable after setting a resolution, wait about 15 seconds. It should revert to the default resolution.
If that doesn’t work, restart -> wait 2 minutes (for the service to start) -> restart again -> wait for the service to start.

Despite all the warning and fallback mechanisms, there is a small risk of the screen becoming unusable when changing resolution. Keep USB debugging enabled and make a backup (eg using Ti backup) before using this app.

Note: All app features are available for free with no ads. If you want to donate, you can make an in-app purchase. This does NOT unlock any new features. Thank you for your support.

Disclaimer: Use this app at your own risk. This app uses the wm command (am before JB 4.3) in the backend. If these commands don’t work (or don’t work), this app will work too. Again, a backup is highly recommended. That said, feel free to contact me for support.

The source code can be found under the Apache v2 license at

More information can be found at

Note that you may need to allow root permissions again after installing an update.

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