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SnapTube is one of the most recommended applications in the world to download videos from Youtube and other video sites

For Android System
Size 20.51MB
Date 17 Feb 2022
Package name com.snaptube.premium
License Freeware
Developer Snaptube

Snaptube is one of the most used and sought after video downloaders of all time for Android phones and tablets. Snaptube is capable of downloading videos from various social networks, as we will see shortly. On this page we provide the link to the original Snaptube APK, with the direct link to the source of the official website so that you can download it safely and always have the latest version with full features and bug fixes. Once you download Snaptube, you will feel the difference of this video downloader and you will probably no longer want to switch to another video downloader app.

Note: This Snaptube with yellow icon is the same as the red icon, only in a recent update the color has changed. So no matter SnapTube Yellow or SnapTube Red

Improved Snaptube Features

As the download provided on this page is the download link from the official Snaptube website, you will always have access to all the new features of the app. However, among the outstanding features of this video downloader app are:

Download videos in different resolutions: by default YouTube videos and other social networks have different types of resolution, and among them low resolutions and high quality video resolutions – HD. Using Snaptube to download videos you can choose all available resolutions for each media.

Direct download to MP3 music file: Let’s say you don’t want to download the video but only the audio of the video. For example, in a music video, you may find it necessary to download only the music and not the video, which saves a lot of space on your device to be able to download several other songs. With Snaptube this is possible! You can choose between just the audio track or full video.

Search your videos by keywords: Like search engines, Snaptube has a keyword search video feature. enter the name of the singer’s song or album to be able to find content related to your search in a refined way.

Manage your downloaded videos: Through the application itself you have access to manage all the content you’ve downloaded, so you can delete or even play that video or song you downloaded now or longer ago.

Beware of a danger

The Snaptube app cannot be found on Google Play,  and if you search for this app on the platform, you will probably find fake apps,  and that don’t even come close to Snaptube. In addition, most of these fake apps can offer content that is harmful to your digital security. When downloading Snaptube, always do it on a website such as Seletronic, where in the download link on this page you will find the latest official version and tested by the Snaptube team.

Download videos and music from various websites and social networks

When it comes to downloading videos, we soon remember YouTube, and other social networks like Facebook and Instagram. but just as a partial example we will show you a small list of all the sites that snaptube can download videos from:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Vevo
  • Whatsappdaily
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • Vine
  • Vuclip
  • Metacafe
  • Liveleak
  • Twitter
  • Mthai
  • Pagalworld
  • Dailytube
  • Mrpopat
  • Pinguda
  • 3gpmania
  • Funnyordie

Downloading Snaptube Safely

Now that you can get a taste of what Snaptube is all about, it’s time to download this super video downloader app to enjoy your favorite videos and other favorite music through all the powerful features of this App.

As snaptube is a file in apk format, you may need to enable installation from unknown sources for Android in order to be able to install the app. To do this it may be necessary to allow installation from unknown sources on Android

Now that you know how to install an APK, and where you always come to find the latest updated version of this Super App, just click on the  download button below to download Snaptube now.

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