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The best free Brazilian app to watch movies, series, anime and much more

For Android System
Version 4.0
Size 9.67MB
Date 10 Oct 2020
Package name llc.vizeroficial
License Freeware

Vizer is the best app to watch online movies, series, cartoons and anime for free. This is not an ordinary app, so it cannot be compared with other apps of the same genre, as it has a magnificent interface, which can be compared with that of other famous apps like Netflix, but nevertheless it is completely free. According to the app’s developers, the service will always be free.

On this page you will find Vizer Apk updated in the latest version downloaded directly from the official source of the application for your safety, and so that you always have the most current version of the application on your mobile phone, tablet, smart TV or TV Box.

The Vizer application has an extremely organized and easy to move interface. And to have access to all this, just make a quick registration and login, which is necessary to watch the content. Even requiring login, everything is still free.

The application has 5 main buttons to navigate between the contents, namely Movies, Series, Anime, Transfers and Profile, as we will explain each one below:


By tapping the movies button you can choose suggestions by Categories , Releases , and “ See later ” which are the films you marked to see more evening.

In the Categories tab you can select the following types of film:

  • See all
  • Comedy
  • Police
  • War
  • Mystery
  • Family
  • Animation
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Adventure
  • Romance
  • Terror
  • Suspense
  • Musical
  • Fantasy
  • History

And in the releases tab are all the movies recently added on the platform.


By tapping the series button in the Vizer application, you can find all series available for free within the platform. Just choose a series and tap on it and a new window will open with all the options available for that series. Tap Play to choose a season, then tap an episode number to watch. Note that the application will remember where you stopped watching so you can continue.


If you are an anime fan, and love these styles of Japanese cartoons, the Vizer app has the main and most famous animes for you to watch on the screen of your Smartphone or TV Box, as well as on your Smart TV. Choose a title and a new window with all the information about that anime will open. Tap play to choose a season, tap the desired season number and choose an episode. The app will remember where you stopped watching so you can continue with it later.


If you have chosen to download a movie, or an episode of a series or anime, this content will be available when you click the Downloads button. That way you can watch the content even offline, wherever you are, even if you don’t have an internet connection.


The Vizer app is so professional that it creates a user profile where you can see a list of movies you’ve watched, the series you follow, even the movies you’ve enjoyed. In addition to being able to choose a profile photo to attach to your account.

All your information is saved through your login, so keep the email you used to create your account, and if necessary you can also request a new password. So all the information of everything you watched will always be saved on Vizer’s servers.

Vizer is compatible with Chromecast / DLNA

Vizer is compatible with Chromecast or DLNA (smart TV). That way when you want to watch on your Chromecast or on your Smart TV you will need to install an external application called WebVideoCaster. So through your cell phone select the movie, anime or series you want to watch on an external screen, and when playing, choose Chromecast to broadcast to your TV.

Note that not everyone but TV accepts subtitles, and if the subtitle does not appear, there may be no solution for this case.

Vizer updated free download

Download vizer right now on your device with Android operating system to enjoy all this content totally free, which gives a taste for the organization and professionality of the content.

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