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WhatsApp Web is the version of WhatsApp that runs directly in the browser

For Web Browsers
Date 28 Nov 2020
License Freeware
Developer WhatsApp Inc.

WhatsApp Web is a version of Whatsapp made for computers of different operating systems, as it can be accessed by the internet browser. This different version of Whatsapp Desktop does not need to be installed. Just open this application online, through your device, scan the QR code of the page, and as if it were a magic step for your account it is transferred to the PC screen.

Because it does not need to be installed, this application runs on several old versions of Windows and Linux, and even on Android and iOS tablets. It is a good alternative for Windows 7 that does not support the installation of Whatsapp.

Use this Whatsapp Web application right now on your computer and see how useful it is to have the messenger on your computer screen.

Through Whatsapp WEB, you have the same functionalities as the mobile application, being able to send files, receive files, send audios, videos, photos, join a group and much more.

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