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Latest version of Node.js compatible with Windows 7

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For Windows System
Version 13.14.0.x64
Size 28.52MB
Date 15 May 2023
Package name
License Freeware
Developer OpenJS Foundation

Here you can download the latest version of Node.js compatible with Windows 7! Here you will find the link to download version v13.14.0, which is the last version of Node.js compatible with Windows 7. Although this version no longer receives security updates and bug fixes, it can still be useful for developers who need to run applications or scripts in a Windows 7 environment.

Furthermore, v13.14.0 is known to be a stable and reliable version of Node.js with many features and improvements over older versions. So, if you need to use Node.js on a Windows 7 computer, this page is the right place to download the latest compatible version and start using the software. The download is simple and easy, just click on the given link and follow the installation instructions.

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